Welcome dear guest! I am a freelance artist, designer and translator, live and work in South Tyrol, Italy. Even as I was a child, painting for me was like a valve, a wonderful way to express my feelings, moods, ideas, thoughts, etc. My motto in art: Art is the direct contact between matter and spirit, a wing-beat, flowing …

In addition to art, digital art, photography, poetry, etc., I create jewelery with precious and semiprecious stones and, on request, depending on zodiac-signs, I create for you lucky jewels or jewelery to support health.
The minerals are a fascinating world unto itself; they need millions of years to be formed inside the mountains and the dark, every piece is a piece of art.

How beautiful is nature! How beautiful the creation! :-)
I look forward to your visit to my website / e-shop Shop Art & Jewels.

You can directly buy the desired paintings, unique jewelry made ​​of precious and semi-precious stones, photo & art printings, gadgets, etc. in my shop.

The packaging and shipping costs are already included in the price, delivery time depending on your country, right of return 14 days.
You can have a look at my works by clicking on the respective videos below or directly clicking the link Shop Art & Jewels, thanks.

Furthermore, in this blog is included a lot of information, such as the chronicle of the women from the beginning until 2010, the Chronicle of South Tyrol, the world chronicle, general information about South Tyrol, consumerism, vegetarianism, health, nutrition, wellness, diseases and symptoms, nature, children, games, energy, comics, free backgrounds / gifs / emoticons / generators, etc. from the web for webmasters, and more.

I hope you enjoy reading and shopping


Your Patti Armanini
2007 – 2013

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